Construction of light steel villa

Update:11 Aug 2017

   Light steel villa with cold-formed steel as the skel […]

   Light steel villa with cold-formed steel as the skeleton of the structural system, according to the building requirements of other structural parts. Light steel frame spacing commonly used 300,450 or 600mm modulus, wall skeleton cross-section height is generally 89mm or 140mm, floor height of the general high 200 ~ 400mm high. So that the space of the wall and the floor can provide convenient conditions for any pipe and net in the house. As the low-rise residential roof mostly slope roof, so the roof structure is basically used by the skeleton made of triangular roof truss system. This equidistant skeleton, after sealing the structural plate and gypsum board, forms a very strong "ribbed structure system", which has a stronger ability to resist seismic and resistant to horizontal loads because it In the concentrated load decomposition to the minimum degree. U-shaped steel and C-shaped steel can be combined into different sections of the beam, column, very flexible, the maximum span of the beam can be done 9 meters. The connection between the steel frame and the steel frame is by means of a self-drilling self-drilling screw and a standard connection piece.
   1. Wall
   The exterior wall is composed of exterior decoration layer, waterproof barrier layer, insulation layer, structural skeleton and interior decoration layer. Outer decorative layer can be used metal hanging plate, vinyl hanging plate, engineering wood hanging board, outside the wall, the external walls of stone and other texture and style of building materials. Insulation layer can be configured according to climatic conditions between the thermal resistance R13-R30 between any wall. Waterproof barrier has a one-way breathing effect.
   2. Roofing
   The use of new steel structure inclined roof, the basic structure; inclined beam, structural panels, waterproof layer and insulation layer, decorative panels. Roof decorative panels used in the plate, including composite roof panels, color embossed buckle tile, color riveting tile, metal lock plate and color glass fiber tile, color modeling changeable, sticky leakage ability.
   3. floor
   The floor system is mainly composed of ribbed joists, structural panels and ceilings. The joist is made of cold-formed thin-walled steel for the load-bearing structure: the structural panel is the oriented particleboard OSB; the ceiling is gypsum board.