Color plate some of the details of the treatment

Update:05 Jul 2017

   First, the rivets at the leakage of water Maintenanc […]

   First, the rivets at the leakage of water Maintenance methods: the application of single-component sunscreen waterproof brushing 4 times, the thickness of about 1.5mm or so, the diameter of 50-60mm or so, the next brushing a coating above non-stick, whichever Coated with a large diameter, was thick in the middle of a thin circle. So that the rivets will not leak.
Second, the color of steel plate joints Leakage method:
1, can be painted at both ends of the width of 60mm wide sunlight 2000PA single component waterproof plastic, seam near 20mm does not apply.
2, non-woven fabrics, cloth width 150mm, paste in the sun painted 2000PA waterproof plastic above.
3, in the non-woven or glass fiber cloth brushing 3 times, brushing again after the width of 50mm, thickness of about 1.8mm. After a brushing above a coating is not sticky hands prevail.
In some detail to note that color steel plate is generally not how much of the problem, so the color plate in the building materials, is the best building materials.