Color plate low environmental protection favored

Update:21 Jun 2017

Color steel products are building materials, now widely […]

Color steel products are building materials, now widely praised by the general public, because natural stone from natural, seasonal climate change is easy to weather the corrosion of its surface protective film, so that it contains the radioactive elements will be released , To the human body caused a certain harm, it is understood that the color plate is studied through the building materials, color steel products can be sealed inside the radioactive material to eliminate radioactive pollution, so the color plate products are pollution-free, recyclable.
In the use of green products, color steel than natural stone radiation pollution, color plate is not only radioactive, but also to avoid the uneven color strength of the shortcomings of the natural stone is extracted from the natural rock, formed It is difficult to form a unified and complete style, and the color plate is the use of advanced roller coating texture, can make the convergence between the different color steel plate more harmonious and natural, Not only to avoid the shortcomings of the existence of natural stone defects, but also according to the individual like a good random spray texture.
Color steel plate manufacturers
Currently on the market a variety of types of color plate are influx of out, according to the construction industry experts said that the color plate and the cost is very high natural marble than the color of the overall cost of the overall reduction of steel, color than the tile High strength, relatively thin manufacturing, wear and tear resistance, there will be no damage, so the construction and maintenance aspects are more convenient than the natural stone, and its maintenance and cleaning than the tiles to take care of, and color steel construction, transport are Very convenient, the cost is very low, so this gives the public use of a certain interest.
Color steel plate wear-resistant, good gloss, the current building used in the color plate is divided into two categories, including rock wool color plate, fire, earthquake, high hardness, and very wearable, in most building space can be used, so Color plate can be used in many places, its soft light, the pure color of the unique advantages for all types of buildings.log on to our official website for more details :