Characteristics and construction advantages of light steel structure building

Update:08 Mar 2018

The steel structure housing because of tightness, good […]

The steel structure housing because of tightness, good insulation, so the characteristics of the whole building energy saving is very significant, there is another aspect of the characteristics, it is a kind of active of the ventilation system, ventilation system and the structure of the sealing is closely integrated. In the whole building facade, the ventilation system it can according to the people living on the air requirements, to set can have different time periods, adjusted for the fresh air. This loss of capacity balance but also realizes the ventilation process, this is one aspect. In this waterproof, moisture-proof, the houses have some the special structure, the corresponding light steel. So the villa in this regard are very significant.
Insulation: insulation form is in a different way, it is a general principle of external insulation principle, but in different regions it has some different characteristics, such as the distribution of temperature in our country with the above, the whole of our country great span, so it can be selected according to the different regions of different thermal insulation the corresponding. In a result of a test of the heat loss, in northern Japan, Hokkaido test results, when the outdoor is 20 degrees below zero when tested, this time is used in indoor night heat producing equipment in Japan are generally warm, night and daytime electricity one different charges, evening electricity is cheaper, so the night of storage, eight hours later in the outdoor production warm situation, can guarantee the external operation, so the whole heat loss is little It shows that energy conservation is such a feature. The diagram here is also a further explanation, that is to say, there are some ventilation structures, and the principle of avoiding leakage.
Construction technology: because it is a product of industrialization, so we are in the process of doing feel whether it is from the design, whether it is from the aspect of construction, or from our manufacturing, it is such a basic premise of an industry, so in the construction here it also fully embodies the characteristics of the industrialization process, first of all it equipment, the process is very simple, very short duration, the three hundred square meters of housing the main period is five days, the entire construction work surface is very small, the impact on the environment is very small, very conducive to the opening of the market many of us are first and then do environment. Do the main construction, especially for this project is very favorable, what almost no impact on the environment, the scene is a single operation, without any damage to the environment. The construction noise is small, the scene is off No, what a waste of material, so the construction waste is also very small, with the ecological concept is completely consistent. The construction process, the first step is to do this type of foundation, foundation body finished, and then the floor, a layer is finished, the floor has two ways, some floor do some is directly overhead, the concrete floor, a layer of the ground is done after a layer of the wall, a layer of the wall is the end of the two layer wall, a two wall, then the roof, the whole is such a few processes. A process is built between the actual model, a layer of the wall, two the floor, exterior, interior, subject to final completion. After completing the process of loading and the exterior is carried out within two months, probably in some degree higher, hardcover, two and a half months around this time, the whole body to a turn key a Process. It should be said that the time limit has a great advantage in this respect.