Celebrate the New Year photos, the President of the Chamber of Commerce addressed the speech, our performance in 2016

Update:27 Mar 2017

New Year Message: 2016 is a year of joy and hard handsh […]

New Year Message:
2016 is a year of joy and hard handshake in China, the law back to Chunhui gradually, Vientiane has been updated, and now we bid farewell to the 2016, ushered in a hopeful 2017.
2016 is the past, 2017 is now, is a worth looking forward to the historical turning point, in any case, we have to strive to meet new opportunities and challenges. To cherish the precious life and friendship, to thank all the love and support, to pay their sincerity and efforts to accomplish the existing career and knowledge.
Opportunities contain wonderful, innovative achievements Albert, the new year to open new hope, the new process carries a new dream. 2015, it is our sailing voyage, write the chapter of the chapter of the chapter! We will be full of confidence, towards a higher goal because there is a dream, we wear stars on the moon, seize the day and night; because of commitment, we hesitate, courage!
2017 is an unlimited business opportunities let us work together side by side, toward the lofty goals, to write the industry's charming new chapter!
2017 bells sounded, declared the end of 14 years, the beginning of the new year. The end of the year there are too many feelings, the beginning of the year there are too many expectations.
The sound of the firecrackers was old and greeted with joy. In this celebration of the whole country, I would like to express my best wishes and deep gratitude to all the friends and friends of the forest, and to extend my heartfelt greetings and sincere condolences to the partners of the circle! Good health! Everything is like!
Recalling the work of the past year, we have had difficulties, there are obstacles, but this year, because everyone's care and care; because the majority of Bo friends understand the support, because all the editors of the efforts, we are still in the Before, in progress !! Here, on behalf of all my staff to your noble respect and sincere thanks!
One hundred yuan, Vientiane update. The new year opens new hope, the new course carries new dreams. 2017, it is our dream, sail sail the key years, we will focus on the atmosphere of great culture, to actively cultivate the development of self-employed projects as the driving force, difficulties, forge ahead, unity and cooperation, bold innovation, And strive to achieve the full optimization of the operating structure as soon as possible to create a brilliant career in 2017! Strut forward in the new starting point !!
The ancients cloud, "the big device will sound Hong, Zhigao who will be far." Let us in the new year, unite as one, one heart and one mind, work hard, the entrepreneur, together to create a high level, has a unique new poem, to create a more brilliant Shanghai brilliant tomorrow!
I wish you all in the new year, good health, work smoothly, family fun, all the best!

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