Analysis of the Differences between China 's Light Steel Buildings

Update:01 Aug 2017

   Light steel villa built out of the shape and ordinar […]

   Light steel villa built out of the shape and ordinary housing is about, and even more fashionable. The difference between the two is only different materials used in housing, the general house we know is to use mixed structure, and now the building is a frame structure, relatively strong. But the villa because the floor is low, generally can not use the frame structure. While the mixed structure has some flaws, seismic capacity is not strong. The light steel villa house is built with light steel keel, light steel materials, environmental protection and energy conservation, the use of the process will not produce any construction waste. Built after the beautiful shape, fashion style.
   Light steel villa is the safest, fastest and most environmentally friendly form of construction, no longer like wooden structure, like the fear of termites harm. As the structure of the steel are used in the factory processing, so the structure of light steel structure of the villa is very high accuracy, a villa structure from tens of thousands of components, the average error of each component is less than 0.5 mm, to ensure that the The quality of the house is the traditional way of construction can not be achieved. Cold-formed thin-walled steel is the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all building materials. Therefore, the construction of light steel structure is characterized by solid, light weight and low consumption. At the same time, light steel structure is also easy to assemble and facilitate transportation Light steel villa series of color modeling changeable, sticky and leakproof ability. Compared with the brick and concrete structure, light steel villa shape more light and dynamic, with better moisturizing performance, different texture of the wall material, can create a variety of architectural style. Compared with the wood structure, light steel villas more price advantage.