The New Structure System of Light Steel Villa

Update:30 Oct 2017

Housing prices is one of the most concerned housing pro […]

Housing prices is one of the most concerned housing problems,Light Steel Villa is a new housing structure system. With low-cost, beautiful, low-carbon environmental protection and other characteristics of the earthquake villa. Baoding entity light steel structure villa for everyone to introduce a villa with the advantages of light steel of the system.

Light steel structure quality more at ease. Light steel structure is the factory production, processing precision, on-site assembly welding, each process can be used as equipment installation inspection accuracy, to minimize the outdoor scene environment on the impact of product quality, so as to ensure quality.

Light steel structure greatly enhanced residential safety and reliability, seismic performance, wind performance. Compared with the traditional structure, the seismic performance of light steel structure is better than that of light steel structure. First, the weight of the light steel structure is not controlled by the seismic force, but the wind load is mainly affected by it. Second, the material ductility, seismic performance; Third, light steel structure is basically no conversion, vertical stiffness uniform. The Taiwan Earthquake Survey shows that almost all of the buildings in a strong earthquake near the collapse of the steel structure.

Light steel structure Compared with reinforced concrete residential building, because the steel structure of steel structure can be recycled, but the concrete can not be recycled, the future is certainly a waste of construction, resulting in environmental stress, the concrete to 40 years of drying all of this easily lead to indoor Humidity, moisture, is not conducive to human health. But the light steel structure is completely no concrete, so there is no such problem.