Advantages of Container Houses From Xingfeng

Update:25 Sep 2017

Container Homes, also known as container houses, contai […]

Container Homes, also known as container houses, container housing, container housing, refers to the main container-based materials by a small transformation and become a window with a house. Such container rooms are common in construction sites as workers' dormitories, and others are used as rental housing, durable and easy to build. Therefore, the container room is also known as the resident container.

Small container "five internal organs are all"

From the east of Yantian, Phuket, to the west of the people, Fuyong, along the road to walk, all the way to see a lot of this ad - "live containers, each 6 yuan a day." The face of the Shenzhen property market close to the average price of 20,000 yuan, this ultra-low rent "housing" may begin to slowly into people's attention.

In foreign countries, the idea of container housing has long been widely used, a container of a little transformation, you can transform into a window with a warm hut. In Shenzhen, this container will be the site of migrant workers, the bottom of the public, and even poor college students savior it? Yesterday, the reporter visited this.

Container PK commercial housing

House prices

Containers: the general decoration after the area of about 13 square meters, each container 12,000 yuan, nearly 900 yuan per square meter.

Commercial housing: the current average price of Shenzhen City, about 20,000 yuan per square meter, with the container than the difference is too large. position

Containers: only in the suburbs and other desolate places, but the container has a strong liquidity, for the place can not change the house.

Commercial housing: you can follow their own wishes, the city center, suburbs can choose. But once bought, it is difficult to replace.


Containers: containers, usually only remote areas have place, living more scattered, low safety factor.

Commercial housing: a district there are hundreds or even thousands of households, usually property management patrol, high security.


Containers: very personalized, according to their own preferences any painting, can be done very different. Do not like when you can re-painted.

Commercial housing: the appearance can only be designed by the developers, they can not change.