About the activity room some common sense introduction

Update:14 Jun 2017

The movable room is mainly assembled by the steel struc […]

The movable room is mainly assembled by the steel structure, the sandwich board and so on. The popularization of the movable house makes everybody enjoy the convenience of the activity. But have you encountered any problems in the process of using? Today, Wuhu activities room to share some of the housing activities common sense.
First of all, the activity room should pay attention to fire prevention, especially the movable room adopts polystyrene as the sandwich board, so we should pay more attention to the fire protection when using the movable room. For example, dangerous work such as welding is not done near the living room. Indoor heating device, fire prevention measures. Fire protection is also considered when all wires are laid. At ordinary times, you can also see some people directly in the activities of the room wire as a clothesline rope use, which is very dangerous, must be avoided.
Secondly, the activity room should pay attention to the wind, many color steel plate movable room structure is light, but the windbreak effect is poorer, so in choosing movable room, must choose the regular manufacturers of the board room. The company uphold the principle of customer service, the activities of the housing provided by all relevant departments testing, quality is excellent, is one of the best choice of mobile housing industry.
Third, the activities of housing construction process, pay attention to strictly abide by the drawings, after completion to check all over, in occupancy.
Fourth, the living room should pay attention to lightning protection, especially in summer use, installation of lightning protection facilities in the open space.

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