Depending on the complexity of the family, it may take three to four months to set up. From the beginning to the completion of about 9 months to build a Prefab Warehouse.

The family module is built and inspected at the factory, and the weather does not delay the process. And then transport the module to the final construction site. It takes about three days to complete the assembly of these components.

For manufacturers who provide a pre-defined home plan, the basic price of a modular home usually involves building and transporting the module to the final construction site and placing it on top of it. Buyers can adjust the builder's default plan - for example, you want to use hardwood floors throughout the home, not carpet - at an additional cost.

If you decide to invest in a dream bathroom or kitchen, "there is nothing to exclude the home from being reconfigured because it is a modular building." Like a home-based home, you need to consider structural support and layout. "Prefab owners who want to remodel should let the contractor know that they have a modular house because the structure of the beam that supports the housing may have some minor differences. If you are a construction engineer working in a prefabricated home, then you Need to be structurally aware of what you are dealing with and what you need to complete the project correctly.

Although over the years, modular building standards and building standards have greatly improved, but these types of housing in the unfamiliar construction process buyers will still be bad to persuade. Buyers may be concerned that modular houses are not as strong as traditional building houses or can not be customized. Modular housing owners may find themselves having to explain to the novice buyer the contents of the building process.

Those who are in the process of further and contract with the builders should be prepared for the site construction. This includes how to avoid the trap of placing the family on the construction site, and you should understand the skills of the site preparation and the proper foundation of the foundation.